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How Many "Ultimate Scuba Diving Websites" Do We Need?

A while back, on my personal blog, I asked the question: “How many Facebook for scuba divers do we need?”

I’m still wondering.

However, nowadays, in my eMail inbox, it seems to have taken a different twist. There’s a new “ultimate website for scuba divers” being born every week.

They all have fancy Google Maps or Google Earth or Other-Cut-And-Paste-Codes on their website and they all want us to put in our “data”.

The latest one, today, was a flashy website difficult to navigate, and with only one “dive site” currently listed in North America.

It’s not a very important question. It’s a “non-issue” for the dive industry. But… I’m still extremely curious about this phenomena. Is it typical to the dive industry? 

Why do we see so many people with the urge to setup these websites?

It seems to me that the key to success would be to start with a fairly complete list of dive sites - so that people would use it, although you would still have to find a marketing way to being found. Yet, they start with no data! Why would anybody care about their website if there’s nothing on it? What’s their game plan to get it up and running? I just find it so curious.

Plus… They are now facing the big players. For instance, at DEMA 2011 in Orlando earlier this month, PADI also announced its own ultimate website for scuba divers with a repertoire of dive sites around the world.

It seems to me that even a bad day of watching boring re-runs on TV would be more valuable than the time wasted created just yet another one of these ultimate websites for scuba divers. No?

Is this something seen in other industry? What’s the point?

Just asking. For fun.

Have a GREAT week!

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